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Portable Filter Reduces Formaldehyde Problem

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

With detectable levels of out gassed formaldehyde well above levels
recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in such
mass-produced environments as motorhomes, and trailers,
Indianapolis-based Pure Air Systems is looking to provide viable
portable air filtration solutions to combat the rising concern of
formaldehyde gas in an airborne environment.

“If you are the new or recent owner of a trailer, RV or mobile
home, there’s a highly likely chance you experienced or are experiencing
some form formaldehyde outgassing,” says Dave Hearn, president of Pure
Air Systems Inc. “We’ve developed a portable air filtration solution
that specifically combats formaldehyde outgassing.”

Formaldehyde is a preservative chemical almost universally used in the construction of RVs, said Hearn.

“This chemical leeches into the environment, yields a
noticeable, pungent smell and can cause watery eyes, nausea and
breathing problems. We’ve configured our portable air filters with
special carbon filters to significantly reduce the amount of airborne
formaldehyde,” said Hearn. “It’s a win-win investment if you own an RV.
Safely reduce the formaldehyde concentration during your first year of
use of the product, and then have a high-quality portable air filter
available in your environment thereafter.”

The portable system was originally designed with a HEPA filter
for use in apartments, condominiums and other smaller enclosed spaces.
The carbon-filtered systems can be converted back to the HEPA based
system after about a year of use within a high-concentration
formaldehyde environment. For more information, visit Pure Air Systems.

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