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Pages From the Past: October

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Leaf-peeping, fall foliage and other autumn highlights.

“A motorhome is like a house on wheels but somebody drives it.” That may be the simplest of explanations for the muse of our lifestyle of choice, but what more could we expect from a precocious third-grader? In “If I Had a Motorhome,” in the October 1985 issue, a creative writing teacher queries 75 elementary-school students about their definitions of a motorhome, and what they would do with one. In addition to practical places around the planet, there were more than a few answers involving time travel, a couple including jet-pack additions and one that even suggested converting a motorhome into a submarine. Clearly, a motorhome is a door to imagination, to virtually any destination, providing safety and comfort along the way.

MotorHome 50th Anniversary BadgeAnd though MotorHome hasn’t yet mastered the art of turning back the years or traveling beneath the ocean’s surface, we have taken our readers to destinations across the globe for more than a half-century.

Adventures to places like Mexico and Alaska – two favorites to this day – were first documented in the 1969 Fall issue. The Atlantic coast is the “Maine” attraction in the October 1973 issue, and again in ’86, where we also explore the stunning autumn splendor of leaf-peeping in Utah.

The 1996 cover boasts of “Autumn Adventures,” including trips to New England, Idaho, Indiana and beyond. That same issue includes a roundup of rearview video monitors, which were cutting-edge technology at the time. And they still are today, but the picture tubes of those bygone monitors have been replaced with LCD screens (the feature points out LCD technology as being inconsistent and unreliable – yikes!).

The turn of the century ushered in even more delicious fall beauty. The 2004 issue combines pumpkins and fall foliage, including a multihued expedition ranging from California to Canada.

And, what fall tour would be complete without traversing the famed Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky Mountains National Park? In 2016’s “Fall Fantasy,” following his exploration of the esteemed area, the author points out “We thought we had picked the perfect time to see the Great Smoky Mountains with its vibrant fall colors.”
We think so, too.

50 Years of MotorHome Magazinefall foliageleaf peeping

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