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Pages From the Past: November

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Why we are thankful for the motorhome lifestyle.

“There’s no place like home for the holidays … especially when that home is an elegant motorhome which lends itself to intimate entertaining in tasteful surroundings.” Apart from borrowing from the popular holiday tune to strike a merry cord, the November 1977 issue of Motorhome Life & Camper Coachman evokes another feeling so prevalent this time of year: gratitude, or more apropos to the season, being thankful. Our lifestyle affords us the opportunity for the ultimate in freedom, travel and recreation, and MotorHome magazine continues to highlight many of the wonders of – and reasons to be thankful for – owning a motorhome.

We give thanks for the ability to travel the country from coast to coast, and beyond, such as when the 1979 issue featured a special section devoted to motorhome travel in Europe (and an ’88 feature on celebrating Thanksgiving in Baja, Mexico).

We say thank you for the opportunity to help make a real, positive difference in the world, such as the ’83 issue (and another in ’99) with features on foster care and more-accessible motorhomes.

We are thankful for the evolution of the motorhome itself, including the glut of Toyota-based coaches on the road in the 1980s-90s, which included the 1986 Micro Minnie Winnebago spotted on the cover of the ’86 issue.

Our thanks go to variety, the true spice of life, as apparent in the 1991 issue pitting two Tiffin Allegro Bay motorhomes against one another; both were 32-foot Class A’s, but one was powered by a gas engine and the other via diesel.

In this season of holiday feasts, we must give thanks for campsite delicacies, including traditional Thanksgiving dinners, highlighted in “Turkey on the Barbie” in the 2001 issue.

And, we are grateful for staying connected with others while on the road, made possible by cellular, Internet and Wi-Fi technologies that allow us to conduct business and enjoy home theater. “Are You Smart Enough for a Smartphone” in the 2011 issue is one example, 2014’s “Give Your TV a Ph.D.” is another. For a way to boost the reliability of cellular and Wi-Fi signals alike, this month’s “Making the Connection,” on page 34, detailing Winegard’s ConnecT 2.0 should offer improved performance, a reason to be thankful we can all get behind.

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