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Outfitting Upgrade Guides: 12 Truck Upgrades

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

The perfect tow vehicle has not been built. In fact, I could never convince you if it had, because your idea of the perfect machine is quite different from mine. Let’s take front-row seating as an example. Many would have nothing but bucket seats with a console for their laptop or music collection. My wife and I, however, would never consider a vehicle where our dog couldn’t sit between us on some type of bench seat configuration.

Some consider a camping trip with the kids or grandkids a perfect chance to interact away from our electronic world. Others would not hit the road without the kids plugged into their own entertainment systems, especially if the route includes long miles of flat, featureless interstate.

Building the ultimate tow vehicle is a challenge even the manufacturers don’t pretend to master. The best they can do is check some items off our collective wish list from what companies know about its customers. They vary options and target different drivers with a variety of models. Additionally, compromises are made to keep the vehicles affordable for more buyers. Suspension systems that can haul lots of weight are not so comfy when the machine is empty, unless an expensive computer-controlled system adjusts for the conditions. All of these factors and trade-offs add up to plenty of room for aftermarket upgrades of the vehicles available.

For some, the upgrades will be all about comfort, sound quality and shine. Others will boost power, handling and cargo storage. Some can be customized exclusively for an RVing lifestyle, while other rigs must work all week, then transform into weekend toy haulers.

Here are some upgrades we found to help make your truck all that it can be, for you and your recreational lifestyle. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, let us know, we’re going to round up more performance-enhancing parts for you in future issues.

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