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News Briefs: Michelin, Mercedes, Hummer, Continental Teves

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Phasing Out Spare Tires
Most new vehicles sold a decade from now, especially higher-priced models, will not carry a spare tire, according to Michelin Group Chairman and CEO Edouard Michelin. “The spare tire is prehistoric,” said Michelin, who says it will take another 10 years for consumers to accept not having a spare. “Most people do not know how to change a tire anyway,” he added.

Mercedes Postpones Diesel
Diesel enthusiasts will be saddened by a Mercedes-Benz announcement that it will not reintroduce diesel-powered cars in the United States anytime soon. Mercedes-Benz will wait until cleaner low-sulfur fuel becomes available, which may be at least four years from now.

New-Model Rumors About Hummers
Look for a General Motors Hummer H2 with an open truck bed by 2005. Also, there may be a smaller H3 model in 2006.

Hi-Tech Rollover Prevention
Continental Teves has announced its newest technology to prevent rollovers. The system monitors vehicle sensors up to 150 times per second, anticipates vehicle rollover, and then applies individual brakes automatically depending on which way the vehicle is swerving, to correct the vehicle’s path before it rolls over. Development is still under way, and no introductory date has been set.

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