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Newell Coach F3.0

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

For most of us, a motorhome is a cozy home away from home, a place where
we can relax and get away from the stresses of our daily lives. For
others, it’s more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle, and many push that
lifestyle to the outer limits with a custom-built coach that costs more
than most homes. For that small percentage of buyers, there are a few
manufacturers that can make every dream come true, and Newell Coach is
one of them.

Newell is unique in that, unlike its competitors, it does not offer rigs
built in MCI or Prevost bus-type coaches, nor does it have a line of
lower-cost motorhomes. All of Newell’s motorhomes are built from the
ground up, and prices start at around $1 million. Of the new motorhomes
in Newell’s inventory, which is usually no more than five, all measure
45 feet and are based on one of six available floorplans — but these
account for less than 15 percent of Newell’s sales. The rest are all
custom-ordered in lengths ranging from 39 to 45 feet.

As you might expect, a motorhome in this price range offers a
buyer the freedom to outfit the coach any way he or she sees fit. “No
one has the flexibility that we have,” says Karl Blade, president of
Newell Coach. “We’re used to customizing. We sit down with the customer
and discuss preferences — and if we can meet quality, reliability and
safety standards, we’ll do it. It can be anything from a small cabinet
with a dog kennel built into it, to a fully customized interior.”

Regardless of what size you order, the coach will come standard
with The Big Kahuna of power plants: a Caterpillar C15 pumping out 625
hp and 2,050 pounds of hill-topping torque. Newell offers either a
standard Allison six-speed automatic or the AS-Tronic 12-speed
transmission by German manufacturer ZF. In fact, the suspension system
and steering are also engineered by ZF.

“It’s a very sophisticated system shared with only a handful of
premium coachbuilders,” says Blade. “The front suspension, drive
suspension and tag axle suspension are all engineered as a package,
rather than sourcing individual systems from various suppliers.”

That’s no ordinary tag axle, either; it’s a ZF steering axle
that provides a 45-foot coach with a tighter turning circle than most

The coach pictured here is the F3.0, which features a forward door, rear bath and an enlarged streetside galley. But what makes this particular rig interesting is it can be outfitted with a Murphy bed that allows you to turn the rear bedroom into a small theater with three-place theater seating, an overhead projector and a screen that
drops out of the ceiling. You may also opt for the Murphy bed without the theater system and a larger wardrobe. Alternatively, you can order the Murphy bed with a sofa and side recliner or a fixed bed and a smaller wardrobe.

And, if none of that suits you, you can order your own coach. It will be custom-built to your specifications.

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