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Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine


Living in an RV often requires hands-free light, whether working outside the rig, or reaching into a dark wardrobe. The NeckLITE from Neutek USA helps solve numerous wide area task lighting needs in a new way. NeckLITE is a fully adjustable light that can be worn at any angle around your neck at chest height, or simply remove its magnetic safety lanyard and it quickly converts to an all-purpose self-standing micro task light. Two alkaline or rechargeable AA batteries power a constant regulated  “pure white” HD LED 150-degree wide light beam for 8-plus hours of use. NeckLITE measures 21/2 x 11/4” x 3/4 inches, and comes with a magnetic lanyard available in nine colors.

MSRP: $35 
480-331-5334 | www.lumitask.com

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