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Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

When talking about tow vehicles and trailers, some will say one is more important than the other, while others agree that each are of equal value and importance. We feel that both play a significant role in fulfilling the RVing lifestyle, and offer articles for those that love to pay attention to their trucks and trailers.

This month, a neat and tidy installation of the DB Diesel Performance Variable Vane Brake (VVB) kit is profiled. This is a plug-and-drive setup that works with the turbocharger used in the 2004.5 and newer Duramax engines to develop more retarding horsepower to assist exhaust braking. The company is also developing a product for Ford diesels.

Getting more cool clean air in quicker helps your tow vehicle develop more power, too. Installing an aftermarket intake such as one of Volant’s Cool Air Intake kits available for many late model Dodge, GM and Ford diesel-powered pickups can improve filtration and overall engine performance and longevity. These are easy D-I-Y kits that most shade-tree mechanics can do at home.

Keeping your RV clean and tidy is not just about looks. Cleanliness is part of a regular maintenance routine that allows you to inspect the condition of each and every piece, part and corner of your tow vehicle and trailer. That sort of familiarity allows you to know how well a part or system is wearing and working, keep an eye on fluid levels, on lubrication schedules, and in general, have a better understanding of the state of your RV at all times. Check out the comprehensive cleaning product evaluation and tips story in this issue for valuable information to help you create your own all-important cleaning and maintenance routine.

For those who really want to put some elbow grease into their trailers and upgrade the brakes, we have a story on a Kodiak hydraulic-over-electric replacement system that will boost your trailer braking effectiveness. Not only does the hybrid hydraulic-electric system give it more power, but it is a disc brake system, providing far more stopping power to your trailer than a simple electric drum brakes system.

To top it all off, this month kicks off the Trailer Life Readers Choice Awards! You get to choose your favorite products and travel destinations from across the U.S. Who better to pick the best RVing gadgets, goodies and places to go than the most experienced “field testers” in the world – Trailer Life readers. You are invited to logon to now www.TrailerLife.com/readers-choice and vote for your favorites. Full details are available on the voting site, so get started now!

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