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Multi-Use Leveling Blocks

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

To make leveling blocks useful in many different situations, get a length of 2-by-8-inch treated lumber, and a couple feet of ¾-inch PVC tubing. Cut the lumber into three pieces: 14 inches, 20 inches and 26 inches, for each number of blocks you want to make. Angle the edges up on all pieces of wood. The three different sizes will form a pyramid shape. This is to make it easier to drive up on without having a high angle that would make the block slide out of place when trying to drive on it.

Make a stack of three different sizes together, centering them on top of each other. Drill two 1-inch holes through all three leveling blocks but do not drill all the way through the bottom one. This is because you don’t want the pieces of tubing that will hold the stack together to fall through the bottom block when stacked.

Now cut two sets of the ¾–inch PVC tubing. One set will be longer to hold three blocks together, and the other set will be shorter to hold two blocks together. Make sure to cut the tubing just a little shorter than needed, so that when inserted in the holes they do not stick out of the top.

Repeat the procedure for each set of leveling blocks you wish to make. You should end up with a set for each tire you will need to support.

Now you have sets of leveling blocks that can be used individually or stacked together in combinations.

—Laurie West, Sugar Land, Texas

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