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MotorHome Quick Tip: Coffee Countertop

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Counterspace is always at a premium in a motorhome. Considering that we seldom use the stove in our Class C Winnebago View 24V because half the fun of camping is cooking outside, I found a 24-by-18-by-1½-inch John Boos maple cutting board on Amazon (any cutting board will work) and added four screw-on clear rubber feet on the bottom corners. We love the additional counterspace for setting up the coffeemaker and cups when we go to bed, which makes that first cup of coffee the next morning an express event. When we use the stove, the cutting board is simply lifted off and stored on a bunk in back. The rubber feet and the heavy weight of the cutting board hold it perfectly in place while driving.
John Peterson | Aurora, Colorado

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