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Maintenance Tips

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Besides regular oil changes, there are other basic motorhome maintenance items that need attention, too. Here are some of the most often overlooked items by do-it-yourselfers that cause problems on the road.

  • A clogged fuel filter will strain your fuel pump and reduce the flow of fuel into the engine. It may also clog expensive injectors and leave you stranded.
  • Oxygen sensors on older coaches can fail slowly without triggering the check engine light, resulting in a loss of power and fuel mileage. Replacing the oxygen sensor will help your coach perform better, save money and reduce pollution. Newer OBD-II systems are more sensitive and the service-engine light will often be triggered just as the oxygen sensor is beginning to malfunction.
  • Check the air filter and replace it if it’s dirty. The positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve should also be serviced regularly. A faulty or clogged PCV valve can cause oil leaks and consumption.Transmission fluid changes are a frequently neglected maintenance item. Skipping regular fluid changes will result in sluggish, rough shifts, hesitation, poor performance and fuel economy, and a greatly reduced service life.
  • Brake fluid absorbs moisture and can boil when the brakes are used a lot, causing the pedal to go to the floor just when you need it. Replace brake fluid; use premium, high-boiling point fluid that’s recommended by the chassis manufacturer.
  • Over time, ignition wires lose their efficiency as the insulating material deteriorates due to heat and flexing. If the ignition wires or boots appear glazed, cracked or burned, replace them. Spark plugs also should be checked or replaced at this time.
  • Worn shock absorbers result in poor handling of a rough, bouncy ride. They also put a lot more load and wear on other more expensive suspension parts.
  • Don’t let the acids in bugs damage the finish of your motorhome. Wash bugs and road grime off the front of your motorhome as soon as possible after driving, so that the acids in the bugs do not damage the finish. Also, a quality wax and protectant applied to the cleaned surface will increase the shine and reduce effort when removing bugs and grime in the future.

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