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Low-Profile Satellite System for RVs

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Datron/Transco Inc.’s Mobile Electronics Division introduced its CruiseTV STS in-motion satellite-television tracking system, at the Great North American RV Rally in Perry, Georgia.

Measuring just 9.5 inches in height, CruiseTVSTS is said to be the lowest profile on the market today, eliminating overhead clearance concerns, while offering more than 200 channels of live, digital audio and video programming from DirecTV.

Available in two sleek aerodynamic radome designs, CruiseTVSTS incorporates several innovations, including slip-ring and rotary-joint technology that eliminates cable wrap and unwrap, an integrated compass board to ensure fast and accurate satellite-signal acquisition and Datron’s patented WhisperDrive technology for the quickest and quietest performance available.

Of particular interest to RVers are the unique radome designs of the STS, providing an attractive alternative to the conventional radome styles of the past, according to a company spokesperson.

CruiseTVSTS is available nationwide through Datron’s OEM and dealer network, with a suggested list price of $3,295. Datron’s Mobile Electronics Division is located in Simi Valley, California. For more, call (800) 287-5052, or visit the Web site at www.datronmed.com.

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