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Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

It’s hard to not notice the growing demand for economical, easy-to-handle trailers and campers that work well with today’s more fuel-efficient crossovers and pickups. We know that RVing is one of the most economical ways to travel, but with the unpredictability of future fuel prices in an already trying economy, it’s wise to plan your next purchase accordingly. We’ve put together a roundup of nine lightweight travel trailers and truck campers that will not only squeeze nicely into a limited budget, but will also accommodate a variety of camping and touring applications.




The 950B from Adventurer is a great truck camper for young families with children that want to take along their kayak, fishing gear, snowboards, bikes and other outdoor equipment and still enjoy spacious sleeping areas. The 950B’s electric slideout bunkhouse – housing two 32 × 72-inch bunks – is really what makes this camper unique, creating a total of six sleeping areas when including the cabover queen-size bed and the L-shaped sofa/dinette conversion. And for boondocking, the wet bath will come in handy, as will the standard two-battery compartment that accommodates Group 27 12-volt batteries. The optional overhead skylight helps to bring light as well as a more open feeling into the unit, possibly making this elective worth the extra $322.


Adventurer LP, (866) 312-0799, www.amlrv.com.


Adventurer 950B
Ext Length: 17′ 9″

Box Length: 9′ 6″

Ext Width: 8′

Ext Height: 8′ 4″

Int Height: 6′ 5″

Freshwater Cap: 38 gal

Black-/Gray-water Cap: 18 gal/31 gal

LP-gas Cap: 10 gal

Dry Weight: 2,750 lb

MSRP: $24,500


Casita Travel Trailers


The 17-foot Spirit Deluxe, Casita’s most popular trailer, is another great pick for families on a limited budget, sleeping up to six with a spacious bath and shower area. Two separate sleeping areas convert into dinette tables, but you can choose to permanently keep one of them open as a double bed for convenience. This lightweight trailer comes standard with a roof-mount air conditioner, a large refrigerator with freezer, great storage space under the sink and a cool rear window. Casita sells direct to the consumer.


Casita Travel
Trailers, (800) 442-9986, www.casitatraveltrailers.com.


17′ Spirit Deluxe
Ext Length: 17′

Ext Width: 6′ 8″

Ext Height: 8′ 11″

Int Height: 6′ 2″

Freshwater Cap: 16 gal

Black-/Gray-water Cap: 15 gal/32 gal

LP-gas Cap: 10 gal

Hitch Weight: 365 lb

Dry Weight: 2,480 lb

GVWR: 3,500 lb

MSRP: $14,848


Eveland’s Inc.


Scamp trailers are designed for livability and towability. They’re said to be insulated for use in all sorts of extreme weather conditions and made of hard-shell fiberglass for sturdier construction and lighter weight, making them easily towable by smaller cars and trucks. The Scamp 16-footer is nicely sized for a couple or small family and comes standard with a two-burner stove, sink, toilet, dinette and privacy room. It’s available in seven floorplans with options such as a roof-mount air conditioner and shower. Floorplans with the side bathroom allow the trailer to sleep up to four, while floorplans with the larger front bathroom replace the sofa/bunk bed. All units come to consumers factory direct.


Eveland’s Inc., (800) 346-4962, www.scamptrailers.com.


Scamp 16′
Ext Length: 16′ 0″

Ext Width: 6′ 8″

Ext Height: 7′ 10″

Int Height: 6′ 3″

Freshwater Cap: 12 gal

Black-/Gray-water Cap: 9 gal/26 gal

LP-gas Cap: 5 gal

Hitch Weight: 165 lb

Dry Weight: 1,960 lb

GVWR: 3,500 lb

MSRP: Starts at $10,995


Lance Camper


Lance’s well-earned reputation for building top-quality campers with a sensible design stands firm with the 825, the smallest member in its 2010 line of truck campers. It fits most shortbed half-ton trucks and has solid block-foam insulation throughout for year-round camping, aluminum-framed walls, good floor space, cabover queen-size bed, dinette conversion, sink, two-burner stove and space for a portable AC generator. It’s available with or without a shower and toilet, though the bathroom space with a dual-pane vacuum-sealed skylight comes standard regardless. This year’s model has an all-new interior design you’ll have to see for yourself.


Lance Camper Manufacturing Corporation, (661)
949-3322, www.lancecamper.com.


Lance 825
Ext Length: 8′ 6″

Box Length: 8′ 11″

Ext Width: 7′ 2″

Ext Height: 7′ 5.25″

Int Height: 6′ 6″

Freshwater Cap: 30 gal

Black-/Gray-water Cap: 14 gal/14 gal

LP-gas Cap: 5 gal

Dry Weight: 1,750 lb

MSRP: $15,152


Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles


Livin’ Lite’s Quicksilver lightweight folding camping trailers are affordable and can be towed with just about any family vehicle – and even some larger motorcycles. Advertised as a back-to-basics line of campers, all models have floor space, bed bases, walls and cabinetry, and feature wood-free, all-aluminum construction. They are available in three 5- to 10-foot units that open, respectively, to 10- and 20-foot lengths with sleeping capacities for up to six people. The 8-foot box of the Quicksilver can be setup in about two minutes with two people.


Livin’ Lite Recreational Vehicles LLC, (866) 272-5578, www.livinlite.com.


Quicksilver 8′
Box Size: 7′ 8′

Ext Length (open): 16′ 2″

Ext Height (open): 8′ 2″

Int Height (open): 6′ 4″

Freshwater Cap: N/A

Black-/Gray-water Cap: N/A

LP-gas Cap: N/A

Hitch Weight: 150 lb

Dry Weight: 865 lb

GVWR: 1,500 lb

MSRP: $6,200


Northwood Manufacturing Inc.


The Arctic Fox line of truck campers from Northwood Manufacturing is a nice choice for those who like to visit backroads and sleep in comfort. The Arctic Fox 992 is constructed with rigid foam insulation and has a fully insulated tank area, giving it four-season capability. Its slideout has a dinette that doubles as a second bed, allowing for more livable space, leaving room elsewhere for moving about and storage. It sleeps six and has a great pantry area. Offered with a choice of five interior décors, it comes standard with a roomy dry bath, water heater, electric jack, double sink and a three-burner stove.


Northwood Manufacturing Inc., (800) 766-6274, www.northwoodmfg.com.


Arctic Fox 992
Ext.Length: 17′ 10″

Box Length: 10′ 2″

Ext Width: 8′ 1″

Ext Height: 9′ 4″

Int Height: 6′ 7″

Floor Length: 10′ 2″

Freshwater Cap: 47 gal

Black-/Gray-water Cap: 37 gal/29 gal

LP-gas Cap: 14 gal

Dry Weight: 3,830 lb

MSRP: $ 27,267


Northwood’s True North Division


Touted as the support vehicle for the active outdoor lifestyle, the all-new Outdoor Support Vehicle (OSV) by Northwood’s True North division is gaining industry-wide momentum with its economical 15D Freelance. This unit is True North’s flagship model, and it fits the bill for those who want to make the leap from a tent into an RV without a lot of complications or cost. The company partnered with Thule for some cool accessories, such as its Top Tracks and several Smart RV Pods throughout the unit for extra storage. It has a sofa that folds down to a bed, a three-burner stove and a rear lift hatch that covers a kitchenette unit.


Northwood Manufacturing Inc., (800) 766-6274, www.truenorth.me.


15D Freelance OSV
Ext Length: 16′ 4″

Ext Width: 6′ 10″

Ext Height: 7′ 2″

Int Height: 5′ 2″

Freshwater Cap: 10 gal

Black-/Gray-water Cap: N/A

LP-gas Cap: 10 gal

Hitch Weight: 275 lb

Dry Weight: 1,535 lb

GVWR: 2,475 lb

MSRP: $9,000


Outdoors RV Manufacturing


The Tamarack Trail 719RB from Outdoors RV is designed for outdoor enthusiasts who prefer longer, more aggressive camping trips that require a solid night’s sleep – for up to four – to keep up with each day’s events. It’s lightweight for its size due to its five-sided aluminum-framed laminated construction, allowing it to be towed by a variety of today’s smaller vehicles. For kinder towability, it has a shock-absorbing suspension system, and inside it has luxuries such as Italian-designed tile flooring and stainless-steel appliances. Of course, it comes standard with a refrigerator, sink, three-burner stove, microwave, toilet, shower and plenty more.


Outdoors RV Manufacturing, (541) 624-5500, www.outdoorsrvmfg.com.


Tamarack Trail 719RB
Ext Length: 19′ 11″

Ext Width: 7′ 0″

Ext Height: 9′ 5″

Int Height: 6′ 6″

Freshwater Cap: 36 gal

Black-/Gray-water Cap: 20 gal/30 gal

LP-gas Cap: 10 gal

Hitch Weight: 424 lb

Weight: 2,630 lb

GVWR: 3,950 lb

MSRP: $17,840

Serro Scotty


Added to its lightweight line-up, Serro Scotty’s Silver Pup is a mini trailer you can’t help but call cute. Its full-aluminum frame and all-aluminum exterior gives it a dry weight of only 1,350 pounds, so it can be easily towed by smaller vehicles. It has a stylish retro exterior, and although it looks tiny and compact, it has just about all the modern accommodations necessary inside. The Scotty Pup offers camping enthusiasts a place to stretch out after a fun day outdoors with sleeping room for two. This little unit is large enough to feature a rear sofa that converts to a full-size bed, plus a refrigerator, sink, two-burner stove and a toilet, yet it’s small enough to store in most garages when not in use.


Serro Scotty, (724) 962-4040, www.scottytrailers.com.


Silver Pup
Ext Length: 12′ 9″

Ext Width: 6′ 9″

Ext Height: 7′ 1″

Int Height: 5′ 8″

Freshwater Cap: 22 gal

Black-/Gray-water Cap: 9 gal/9 gal

LP-gas Cap: 5 gal

Hitch Weight: 180 lb

GVWR: 2,000 lb

MSRP: $10,495


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