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Let’s Go to Idaho!

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Idaho often get’s a bad rap, sandwiched between the tourist meccas of Wyoming, Nevada, Washington, Utah and Oregon, the state is often forgotten by travelers.  Yellowstone, Las Vegas the forests of Oregon and the mountains of Utah seem to get all the publicity.

Idaho, however, is packed with gorgeous landscapes, towering peaks and rushing waters.  And because most people don’t wake up and think, “I must go to Idaho,” seeing all the attractions is that much easier.

So, what is there to do in Idaho? Well, what isn’t there to do?

The entire state is crisscrossed with scenic byways, ideal for RVers looking to explore nature without getting on high-speed, high-traffic highways.  Every corner of the state has it’s own scenic route, travelers looking to make the trip should find the scenic byway that fits their trip best at Idaho Byways.

Those byways are sprinkled with countless outdoor attractions.  Depending on the byway, RV travelers can take a peek at the ancient world at the Hagerman Fossil Beds, anglers can fish in one of Idaho’s whitewater streams, and those that just want to relax can find themselves a soothing hot spring.

Golfers may just want to stay in Idaho forever, there are four distinct Idaho golf course loops consisting of several courses each.  It would be wise to steer clear during the winter months, but with spring in the air, the courses explode into gorgeous fields of green in the shadows of snowy peaks.

The Boise-Meridian RV Resort is an ideal place to park the RV in the Boise area — it offers all the amenities RVers need with easy access to the City of Trees and a quick route to the state’s many scenic byways.

Next time you wake up on the road without a destination in mind, maybe it’s time to say, “I must go to Idaho.”

Oh, and for those spud-lovers on a pilgrimage to the American potato heartland, don’t miss the Idaho Potato Museum.

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