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Jayco’s Seneca

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Usually, in the RV world, when one thinks of luxury, space and abundant amenities, Class A
coaches come to mind. Until recently, most Class C’s were considered to be lower,
entry-level units directed more toward the younger market. To help change this mind-set
when viewing the Class C world, Jayco started producing the Seneca HD line.

Targeting the more high-end consumer, Jayco’s approach started with outside-the-box platform thinking. The Seneca HD lineup is built on a proven powerhouse of a chassis, the Kodiak, Chevrolet’s Duramax 6600-powered frame. Rather than being underpowered, Jayco opted for a drivetrain that not only boasts 330-hp of turbodiesel grunt, but the company also matched it with the strong Allison six-speed automatic transmission. The imposing stature of the Seneca HD 36MS is augmented by massive exterior compartments.

Formed out of tough one-piece polyethylene plastic, superior stowage and pass-through capability are offered. Checking out the streetside of the full-paint TuffShell laminated walls exposed a well-designed “wet” compartment that is stuffed with a variety of utility goodies like a wash station, paper-towel rack and a clear view of the dump valves. Topping off the upper edge of the curbside exterior is a fully powered 17-foot Carefree Eclipse awning.

Inside, the substantially proportioned interior immediately moves you into a relaxed state by way of an inviting blend of lighter natural tones. The earthy shades that make up the cabinets and countertops are complemented by plush leather furniture. The forward living area in the coach pictured here occupies the forward portion of the streetside slideout and includes the optional dinette ensemble and a sofa bed, which feature wrap-around seating. The dinette table is supported by a Dream Dinette mechanism that allows for quick height
adjustments and added comfort.

Positioned opposite the sofa is a swiveling recliner that fits well within the confines of the living room. The Class C trademark cabover area is equipped with a 26-inch high-definition LCD TV, nestled within a built-in entertainment center. Somehow, even with the electric fun center, additional cabover room was found to house a pullout bunk. As you walk the spacious, carpeted fore-and-aft pathway you find the galley — one of my favorite sections in any motorhome — very conducive to the resident chef. The long and wide one-piece J-Stone solid-surface counter with integrated deep-bowl sinks offers a fair amount of counter space and an additional pullout cabinet with countertop adds to the food-prep acreage. Also encased in the rock-like kitchen counter is the range with a 9,000-BTU SuperBurner and oversize oven.

Across the way, but only a short distance from the main cuisine-crafting site, is an 8-cu-ft double-door refrigerator. Adding to the residential-style cabinetry throughout, the refrigerator doors are lined with matched Northridge Maple hardwood raised panels.

As you work your way along the full-wall slideout, you’ll find a guest bathroom tucked into the curbside. Features of this nature not long ago were considered silly in a motorhome, but a second bathroom has become a popular (and very useful) option in Class A’s and, of course, unique in a Class C. Most guests are sure to be amazed by the square footage devoted to the bedroom/bathroom suite in this Super C. The generously sized slideout easily holds a queen-size bed while offering plenty of walking room. A 19-inch HD LCD TV is built into the sizable wardrobe cabinet that also houses plenty of usable drawers and cabinetry. The rear bathroom illustrates how a designer can make the most effective use of a given area. Aside from a grand glass shower enclosure, there’s extensive room devoted to movement as well as cabinets. It’s a nice extension of the master bedroom.

Jayco has become a leader in the modern Class C motorhome market. By combining luxurious features, an open interior, power and maneuverability, a slew of standard equipment and reasonable cost, the Seneca HD 36MS is on the leading edge of tomorrow’s high-end Class C’s.

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