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It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Winter

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

For RVers braving chilly climates and possibly icy roads, special care should be applied to their vehicles. The following tips are suggested by AutoVantage: Fluid Mechanics: Oil — check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended winter rating. A 10W-30 weight oil works for everything short of arctic or alpine winter conditions. Windshield-wipers — keep your reservoir full with winter washer fluid; a solvent that is good to 10 degrees below 0 degrees F. And, be sure your transmission fluid is clean. Check Your Tires: Take a long look at your tires’ treads. Driving in colder conditions, and on icy, snowy roads, requires as much traction as your tires can deliver. Replace the tires if you see worn treads or sidewall damage. If you are unsure, place a penny — Lincoln’s head first — in the tire tread. Consider buying new tires if the tread does not go past Lincoln’s forehead. Battery & Electrical System: Check your battery and charging system. Fall and winter driving requires more power from your battery, so consider buying a stronger, heftier battery. Batteries lose power as the temperatures drop, so not only do you need more power to start the vehicle, but you also get less power from your battery. Gas Tank: Always maintain a full gas tank. If you get stranded or stuck in gridlock, your engine is your only source of heat. Plan Your Route: Allow plenty of time (check the weather and leave early), be familiar with map/directions and let others know your route and arrival time. For more information regarding AutoVantage, go to autovantage.com or call (800) 876-7787.
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