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Interior Secretary Salazar Commends British Columbia, Montana for Flathead Valley Pact

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar this week commended an agreement
between the governments of British Columbia and Montana to strengthen
protections for the Flathead River Basin and the Waterton-Glacier
International Peace Park.

“This agreement is an historic milestone for the protection of the
Flathead Valley and the extraordinary natural wonders that it contains,”
said Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar. “We would not have come
this far if it were not for the leadership of people like Senator
Baucus, who has worked tirelessly for so many years to protect the
Flathead River for future generations. I look forward to continuing to
work with Senator Baucus, Governor Schweitzer, Senator Tester, and
others in Montana and Canada to build a long-term strategy to protect
these incredible resources on both sides of the border.”

The Flathead River flows south from British Columbia into the
United States and forms the western boundary of Glacier National Park.
This action adds significant protections to an area that has already
been identified as having global significance. Together with Canada’s
Waterton Lakes National Park, the Waterton-Glacier International Peace
Park was the world’s first transboundary park when it was created in
From National Park Service

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