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Icemaker Platform

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

As do many other owners of motorhomes with the standard RV refrigerator, I got tired of buying bags of ice or fiddling with ice-cube trays in an already small and packed freezer compartment. I bought a portable icemaker to solve the supply problem, but was then faced with where to operate the unit. Storage while on the road was easy: the floor of the shower. The only space the unit could be operated and be out of the way while parked was on the dash. But the surface sloped downward, and I knew the icemaker needed a level surface to run properly. I solved the problem by buying a large heavy-duty aluminum baking sheet.

A piece of 1-by-2-inch hardwood from the home supply store was fastened near one end of the underside with stainless-steel screws. The thickness of the wood was just right to raise that end of the sheet to a level position. A strip of self-stick felt under the wood and at the other end of the sheet protects the dash. As a bonus, the baking sheet’s rim also helps protect the dash and any contents in or under it from ice-basket drips and also against a leak that might possibly develop in the unit.

Tom Becker | Bernalillo, New Mexico


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