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Hung Out to Dry

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

As an active outdoorsman and RVer, I often need a place to hang clothes or rain gear to dry. Since our RV does not have a clothesline in the shower stall, I made a simple one myself. I installed two self-adhesive plastic hooks on opposite corners of the shower. I then drilled a hole in each end of an old broom handle, threaded a shoelace through each hole and knotted both shoelaces to hold them in place. At the other end of each shoelace, I made a loop for hanging them on the hooks.

Now I have a clothesline that’s easy to set up. When I don’t need to hang wet clothes, it gets stored away, and the hooks can be used for washcloths or a bath loofah with rope.

Dennis Michael | Lewiston, Idaho


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