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Honeywell Has New Way to Charge Batteries

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Honeywell has developed a new electric-power management system that will
optimize vehicle-battery performance, as well as engine energy use.
Conventional automotive systems use the engine to recharge its battery
using a belt-driven alternator. Because these systems charge the battery
without testing the battery’s actual condition, a lot of energy is
wasted. Honeywell’s new technology uses microprocessors to monitor
battery state of charge (SOC), capacity, level and concentration of the
electrolyte, load conditions and temperature. The
microprocessor/controller has the ability to monitor engine performance,
so automotive designers can control the alternator by matching
battery-charge maintenance with optimum engine-power availability. If
the microprocessor/controller senses a surplus of engine energy, the
system can selectively switch the alternator off or on.

With Honeywell’s new power-management technology, surplus
energy can be converted to electricity and stored in the battery to be
used later to start the vehicle or power electrical systems while the
vehicle is off. Making use of engine power, rather than power from the
alternator, during reduced load periods will result in greater fuel
economy, as well as optimized battery health and performance.

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