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Hands On: The Can Cooker

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

It seems that regardless of the destination or the time of the year, RVers manage to somehow revolve their activities around food. How many times have you met with fellow RVers for breakfast before heading off to an activity, already having made plans for yet another meal before the last bite was consumed?

Let’s face it; RVers love to eat. I can’t imagine there’s an RV out there without a barbecue stashed in a storage compartment.

But not all meals have to be prepared on a barbecue. One cooking tool seldom seen in RVs is a pressure cooker, mainly because of sheer size. While not exactly diminutive, the Can Cooker is destined to change the way we cook in our trailers. The Can Cooker is a pressure cooker, which means it uses steam inside a sealed container that cooks the contents quickly, relying on a specially designed and regulated lid. Now campground chefs can have the benefit of slow-cooked foods without the slow cooking times.

Most cookers of this nature are restricted to stovetop heating and are certainly not rated for something like an open campfire. The makers of Can Cooker, however, created a device that combines the best ideas of pressure cooking, while allowing usage on just about any heat source.

Can Cooker is a simple yet incredibly sturdy pot constructed of anodized, FDA grade 1060 aluminum that’s combined with features like riveted heavy-duty stainless handles and a high-temp silicone gasket to seal the lid. It has a capacity of 4 gallons and is 14 inches tall and measures 10 inches in diameter; weight is not an issue. This has got to be hands down one of the easiest cooking utensils to use. Just find a recipe that suits your taste, prep the ingredients, throw them in the can and cook for the appropriate time — usually within an hour. Basically, once you see steam, you know the cooking process is on its way. Steam usually appears in 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how much food you load into the pot. The company offers an optional rack for the bottom of the cooker, and for $14, it’s a good investment. Also, it’s suggested that the user spray the interior of the pot with a non-stick cooking spray before using to prevent food from burning and sticking, which should also result in quicker cleanup.

The Can Cooker is a bit bulky and may take some thoughtful packing to keep it aboard your RV. However, if you want quick hassle-free cooking and meals large enough to feed your own small RV army, the Can Cooker is the hot ticket. The standard Can Cooker sells for $89.99 and comes with a handy storage bag. If you buy the cooker with the bottom rack, it’s $99.98, which saves you a few bucks over buying the items separately.

Can Cooker Inc., (877) 844-2772, www.cancooker.com. Circle 219 on Reader Service Card.

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