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Hands-Free Freshwater Fill Adapter

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Purchase a new fill cap and water hose adapter (female hose to 1/2–inch male pipe treads). Next, drill a hole in the center of the fill cap and install the hose adapter. Then drill a series of small holes around the newly built hose adapter – holes are needed to allow air to escape while filling. To make the hose connection easier, I use quick-hose connectors. To fill, remove the RV freshwater fill cap, install the adapter, connect the water hose and turn on the water supply. The tank is full when water comes out of the small holes in the adapter. Close the water supply valve, remove the adapter and store, and install the freshwater fill cap. (Note: The adapter is not left installed to prevent debris and insects from entering through the holes in the adapter.)
-Jim Hinton, North Augusta, S.C

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