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Gourmet Camp Chow Cookbook

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

If you think the words “gourmet” and “camp chow” don’t belong in the same sentence, let alone as the title of a cookbook, think again. “Gourmet Camp Chow, Volume 1” by Maria Olshin and Tim Knecht is the result of two RVers with over 50 years of cooking and camping experience who felt that they could fill the void in camping cookbooks that leaves out those who are really interested in cooking and like to eat well.

Each of the 50 recipes in “Gourmet Camp Chow” are presented in two forms: Haute, the complete, made-from-scratch-using-fresh-foods form; and Camp, the quicker-and-easier form. For example, the Haute version of “Fruit-Glazed Baby Back Ribs Maria” calls for apricot halves, jalapeno peppers, minced garlic and more, but the Camp version just calls for Chinese-style duck sauce. Cooking techniques include on home ranges, camp stoves, grills, Dutch ovens and over campfires.

One of the most useful aspects of this cookbook is that you can choose the version of the recipe that best suits your resources, time, and energy level for meal preparation that day, and instead of bringing along multiple cookbooks in your RV, you can just bring one!

The book can be purchased for $15.99 on www.lulu.com. For more information, call 610-421-8888.

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