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Go RVing Facebook Page Exceeds 10,000 Fans

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Go RVing’s fans on Facebook now exceed 10,000. While the group’s page isn’t nearly as popular as the pages for Michael Jackson and Barack Obama, it still has attracted quite a following.

2551465_GoRVingFacebookProfilePic.jpgGo RVing is in elite company. According to Sysomos, a social media monitoring and analytics firm, only 4 percent of Facebook fan pages have more than 10,000 fans. Among fan pages, the late king of pop’s page is No. 1 with a whopping 10.4 million fans; and President Obama’s page has 6.9 million fans.

“The popularity of the Go RVing page is a tremendous boost to our efforts,” Gary LaBella, RVIA vice president and chief marketing officer, said in a news release. “It is a popular online meeting place where avid and would-be RVers alike share their passion for RV vacations, and there’s no endorsement as powerful as one that comes from an actual RVer.”

Go RVing says that while its staff members post comments or questions to spark responses, fans too will post questions or comments to get advice or engage in conversations with one another about the RV lifestyle.

Among the posted comments are these: “RVing is the best way to go!” says one. “I am so happy to have found Go RVing on Facebook. I’m always looking for somewhere to go and other RVers to travel with,” reads another. And “My husband and I just purchased our first RV this week and we’re excited to take it out for the first time. So much to learn,” remarked a new RVer.

Go RVing’s Facebook page is no “average” fan site. Sysomos reports that on average, a Facebook page has 4,596 fans.

Back to that elite company Go RVing is in. Some other pages that have 10,000 fans or more are: Lady Gaga (4.4 million); Sarah Palin (1 million); the “I Love Jesus” page (nearly 1.5 million); Starbucks (5.1 million); Texas Hold ‘Em poker (4.7 million); Disneyland (978,201); and the Subway sandwich shop chain (321,396).

Go RVing says its presence on Facebook is part of a larger initiative to use low-cost, popular social media outlets to deliver the group’s messages to consumers. Go RVing also utilizes Twitter, an eNewsletter, a blog by travel writer Brad Herzog, and the interactive GoRVing.com website.

To view Go RVing’s Facebook page, go to www.Facebook.com and create a free account. Then enter “Go RVing” in the search box to become a fan. You can read more about the Sysomos Facebook study at www.sysomos.com/insidefacebook. 

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