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GM Explains Memo: You CAN Drive Your Chevy to the Levee

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

BlueChevy General Motors conceded that “a poorly worded memo” gave the mistaken impression that employees were being ordered not to call its Chevrolet brand “Chevy.” In a news release Thursday, GM
quickly went into damage-control driver mode, saying the “emotional
debate” serves as “a good reminder of how passionately people feel about
Chevrolet. It is a passion we share and one we do not take for

The debate began when an internal memo was issued in which employees
were reportedly urged to use “Chevrolet” in all references to the brand
and to no longer use the popular nickname “Chevy.” Social media networks
and websites were quick to pick up the issue, criticizing the move.

GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson told the Associated Press that the memo
was meant primarily to train employees, since “Chevrolet” and “Chevy”
had been used interchangeably. “In global markets, we are establishing a
significant presence for Chevrolet, and need to move toward a
consistent brand name for advertising and marketing purposes,” GM said
in the release. “The memo in question was one step in that process.”

“In no way are we discouraging customers or fans from using the
name,” GM continued. “We deeply appreciate the emotional connections
that millions of people have for Chevrolet and its products.”

“We love Chevy,” GM continued. Apparently, so do a lot of others, who will continue to drive their Chevys to the levee.

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