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Gear: VSSL Equipment – Your Camping Supplies and First-Aid Solution

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

There are must-haves that every RV should be stocked with, especially if you are the type who likes to venture out into the great wide open. A VSSL essential-supply kit is one of them.


We’ve tested a number of products from the Canadian company VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools,  and we like their blend of simple design, functionality, and rugged and strong construction. At the heart of the many available VSSL products is a bright multifunctional LED flashlight that is unlike any flashlight you’ve probably ever used.

These LED lights resemble traditional flashlights, but their function extends well beyond illumination. Every unique VSSL light offers a compact and efficient way of transporting your essential outdoor gear, without compromising valuable pack space and weight. We are going to take a look at some of the VSSL products that would be valuable additions to your travel pack, your rig or the glovebox of your tow vehicle.

VSSL First Aid

The first product on our list is the First Aid VSSL (MSRP $125). In testing this unit, my wife made it her personal mission to stack this up against the first-aid kit she had in her car and the one in our camping SUV. I am happy to report that she confidently concluded she would replace both with the VSSL. This unit is made of military-grade aluminum, is water-resistant and features a 200-lumens LED flashlight and a precision oil-filled compass. It comes with 46 first-aid essentials to handle injuries until you are able to get to a medical facility. Like all VSSL products, the kit comes with a lifetime warranty.

In addition to the flashlight and compass, the VSSL First Aid kit includes the following:

  • Adventure Tape – Bandage wounds, mark trails, repair gear
  • Large Bandages – Cover cuts and scrapes, keep wounds clean, prevent infections
  • Knuckle Bandages – Cover knuckle busters, prevent infection
  • 3M Steri-Strips – Close deeper cuts
  • Disposable Thermometers – Check for fever
  • Antiseptic Towelettes – Clean and disinfect wounds, prevent infection
  • Celox Hemostatic Agent – Accelerate blood clotting for deep wounds with excess bleeding, cover wounds after use
  • Antibiotic and Burn Cream – Clean wounds, prevent infection, clean, sterilize and assist with burn pain relief
  • Aspirin – Relieve pain
  • Advil – Relieve pain, swelling and fever; can assist in allergy relief
  • Gauze Pad – Clean and cover wounds
  • Medical Gloves – Prevent infection when treating wounds
  • Accessories – Tweezers for cleaning debris from wounds and removing slivers, safety pins for securing clothing/wrap for larger wounds, emergency whistle for calling for helpRed and white aluminum VSSL first aid tube with contents inside.

The many pieces included in the VSSL First Aid unit / Photo courtesy: VSSL OutdoorsThis first-aid kit is not only a must-have for carrying in backpacks but is ideal for stowing in RVs and tow vehicles.

 VSSL Camp Supplies

When you have your rig set up and are ready to get out and explore the natural realm around your site, make sure you have the VSSL Camp Supplies unit (MSRP $129) in your backpack.

It features almost everything needed in an emergency in case you have forgotten some supplies, need to start a fire or get lost and are faced with an otherwise dire situation. It is built with the same military-grade, water-resistant aluminum as the VSSL First Aid kit, and includes the same 200-lumens LED light with up to 40 hours of burn time and an oil-filled compass.

We tested this rugged and well-built unit extensively, and it held up when dropped into the American River from a 30-foot rock. The fire-starter kit was great when we pulled the kayaks off the water and cooked up some grub. I really liked how easy it was to use because I was able to teach my daughter how to start a fire with it too.

In addition to the LED light and compass, the Camp Supplies kit includes the following:

  • Mini First Aid  Basic first-aid supplies including bandages, wound-closure strips, antiseptic wipes and safety pins
  • Fire-Starter Kit – Five waterproof Tinder Quik fire starters, 10 waterproof matches, 1 striker
  • Rope and Razor  25-foot marine-grade rope (250-pound breaking strength), extra sharp razor
  • Fishing Kit – 3 worms, 6 J-hooks, split shot, 1 bobber, 35-foot fishing line
  • Beeswax Candle – Pure Canadian beeswax candle that will burn for 4 hours
  • Wire Saw  60 pounds working strength, canvas straps
  • Water-Purification Kit  10 Aquatab water-purification tablets, 1-liter Whirl-Pak water bag
  • Miscellaneous Gear Kit  Beadless whistle, gear ties to hang gear, mini sewing-repair kit, P-38 military can opener
  • Bamboo Cloth – 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber
  • Adventure Tape – Bandage wounds, mark trails and repair gear
    The Vessl camping tool kit in aluminum tube

    The Camp Supplies kit is loaded with essential outdoor gear. / Photo courtesy: VSSL Outdoors

VSSL Flask

The VSSL Flask (MSRP $95) is a fun little gem to help you celebrate reaching the summit or enjoying a campfire with good friends. Featuring the same military-grade aluminum build, 200-lumens LED light and oil-filled compass as the other units, the VSSL Flask has a tube that holds up to 9 ounces of celebration sauce (aka your favorite alcoholic beverage).

The flask is infused with glass to preserve the flavor of your choice beverage. If you aren’t celebrating, it’s a great way to take coffee or creamer for coffee on a morning hike. In addition to the flask tube, it also features two collapsible stainless-steel 1.5-ounce shot glasses and a bottle opener.

Mount It in Your Rig

VSSL tub mounted with black mount

VSSL Clamp for RV or tow-vehicle mounting / Photo courtesy: VSSL Outdoors

If you don’t want to stash the VSSL in your glovebox, or you are pulling a trailer and want one in the tow vehicle and one in the rig, VSSL has great high-quality molded clamps (MSRP $19.95) to securely hold your unit. Mount it on the wall of your rig or wherever you want it within reach. The mount makes transporting and accessing your VSSL easy.

Award-Winning Innovation

VSSL kits have been recognized around the world and won numerous design and innovation awards. Here are a few:

About the Author:

Jeremy P Elder is a U.S. Army combat veteran and award-winning podcast producer and host.  In addition to having over 15 years of Business Development and Marketing leadership history with titans of the modern age like Sprint, Verizon, and Aerovironment, Jeremy has also owned and operated several successful marketing firms and projects.
He is a proud father and writes the A Dad Outside blog series about adventures with his young daughter and is the author of Topics of Heroes and its sequel Topics Too. Jeremy serves as the Digital Product Manager for Good Sam Enterprises and writes several blog series’ for Good Sam, Trailer Life and Motorhome and conducts new product reviews.
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