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Freightliner Rolls Out New Chassis, Brake Systems

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) made a number of new product announcements at last week’s National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

Following are highlights from multiple announcements:

FCCC MC-L RV Chassis
Freightliner introduced its newest product for the RV market, the FCCC MC-L RV chassis. Designed with a durable frame and updated driver station configuration, the MC-L Class A diesel motorhome chassis boasts greater fuel economy, enables more aerodynamic body designs and offers superior ride quality.

Powered by a Cummins ISB 6.7-liter electronic diesel engine with up to 200 hp and 520 ft. lbs. of torque with an Allison automatic six-speed transmission, the MC-L offers outstanding power and performance. An up to 50-degree wheel cut allows for superior maneuverability, assisting RV owners as they traverse through urban settings and tight spaces.

“Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. developed the MC-L chassis as a solution to Class A customer needs,” said Jonathan Randall, director of sales and marketing for FCCC. “Working in conjunction with body builders, we designed and engineered the MC-L chassis to enable the manufacture of more fuel efficient and aerodynamic motorhomes, while
offering customers a durable, reliable and maneuverable option.”

Coaches sit lower to the ground with the MC-L’s low-profile frame rail, increasing aerodynamics and ride quality. Also, the quieter front-engine diesel allows for a more comfortable ride for passengers. The MC-L has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 18,000 lbs.

Meets EPA Regulations
The company announced that it successfully designed and is already manufacturing new RV chassis that meet 2010 EPA regulations.

Known for exceptional ride and handling as well as superb performance, the entire FCCC RV chassis lineup meets the needs of all motorhome customers. The new 2010 technology will be incorporated into all FCCC chassis models including the ever-popular FRED (MC), brand-new MC-L, XC-S, XC-L, XC-R, XC-M and Powerliner III.

The 2010-compliant chassis come equipped with the Cummins ISB, ISC or ISL engines. The Cummins ISB is a 6.7-liter engine and provides up to 360 horsepower and 800 ft. lbs. of torque. The ISC offers 8.3 liters, up to 380 horsepower and 1,050 ft. lbs. of torque, while the ISL 8.9-liter engine offers up to 450 horsepower and 1,200 ft. lbs. of torque.

“Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. completed the engineering and design of the new technology well in advance of the Jan. 1, 2010 deadline to better meet the needs of our OEMs and end-users,” said Tony Sippel, RV product manager at FCCC. “We are now manufacturing chassis featuring this new technology, allowing OEMs and customers a full
portfolio of FCCC products that meet the updated federal emissions requirements.”

The 2010-compliant XC-R raised-rail chassis displayed in Louisville features all of the benefits customers have come to expect from a FCCC motorhome chassis, including outstanding maneuverability, reliability and performance. The lowered rear section incorporates a flat-floor design throughout the coach, providing for more motorhome body
configurations. Boasting a 60-degree wheel cut, the XC-R chassis is a perfect solution for easier travel through urban settings.

ecoFRED Now Available
FCCC’s ecoFRED, the RV industry’s first hybrid-electric Class A motorhome chassis, is now available for order. Introduced in December 2008 by FCCC as a prototype, ecoFRED provides improved fuel economy while also reducing engine emissions.

Equipped with the Eaton hybrid-electric system, ecoFRED is unlike any other chassis available in the RV market today. Powered by the Cummins ISB 6.7-liter engine with up to 300 hp and an Eaton automated manual transmission, ecoFRED provides increased torque for better acceleration, contributing to a superior performance that has become
synonymous with the FCCC brand.

“We are pleased that ecoFRED is ready for production,” said Randall. “ecoFRED offers reduced exhaust emissions, leading toward a cleaner environment, requires less fuel to operate and has an improved brake life, all of which contribute to better overall performance and a reduced operational cost for our customers.”

ecoFRED, so named because of its increased fuel economy and ecological/ environmental benefits, offers significantly less brake wear due to regenerative braking, leading to lower replacement costs. The chassis also boasts of better acceleration and increased towing
capacity, operating similar to driving an automatic transmission.

ecoFRED has increased towing capacity with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 27,000 lbs. and a gross combined weight rating (GCWR) of 37,000 lbs. This enables travelers to carry more weight in the coach storage compartments or tow a heavier or additional vehicle.

FCCC engineers also designed ecoFRED to offer a best-in-class 55-degree wheel cut to better travel and navigate through tight spatial constraints. Similar to the popular FRED (Front Engine Diesel) chassis, ecoFRED does not have an engine hump or “dog house” typically found on a gas chassis. The result is a flat floor and more room in the driver
cockpit, contributing to driver comfort and easier entry and egress from the seats to the back of the motorhome.

Front Air Disc Brakes Standard
To provide RV owners with enhanced safety and improved ride and handling, FCCC said that all FCCC rear-engine motorhome chassis models will now offer front air disc brakes as a standard feature.

Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes increase the safety of passengers because they improve stopping distance, while also easily coming to a straight, stable stop without steering correction. The air disc brakes also contribute to a passenger car-like feel, a positive for those operating a large motorhome.

“FCCC again takes the industry leadership position by being the first RV chassis manufacturer to offer air disc brakes to our customers as a standard feature on all of our rear-engine chassis,” said Randall. “We sought to enhance rider comfort and brake performance, and the Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes provide both of these benefits.”

The Bendix ADB22X air disc brake, available from Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC, is a lightweight air disc brake package that reduces total wheel-end weight.

The ADB22X system offers long brake life; enables a passenger car-like feel; permits straight, stable stops; significantly reduces stopping distances; and nearly eliminates brake fade. By RV Business

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