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Find Your Adventure: Quickie Quiz

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine



If you’ve been following along with our yearlong ‘Find Your Adventure’ series celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service here and in the pages of MotorHome magazine, you may have encountered a few surprises (we know we did).

While many of the national parks we’ve written about are well-known, there have also been a handful of somewhat obscure places we never would have associated with the agency. Rather than just come out and tell you about them though, we thought we’d make a game of it by giving you clues below and letting you guess the National Park Service unit we’re talking about. Click on the embedded link to see if you’re correct:

  1. Located deep below the wind-swept South Dakota prairie, this former military site helped form a first line of defense during the Cold War.
  1. The only wildlife you’ll hear rangers talking about on this rocky outcropping in San Francisco Bay are the yardbirds that used to call it home.
  1. While other national parks have their share of geothermal attractions, this smallest national park is the only place we know where you can actually bathe in that hot water.
  1. While many national parks have food service operations within their boundaries, this south-central Utah national park offers you a chance to pick your afternoon snack fresh from the tree.
  1. Home to what have to be the strangest elevators ever invented (podlike “tram” units that move up around a half-parabola), this 63-story stainless-steel monument is intended as a tribute to the United States westward expansion in the 19th century.


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