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Find Your Adventure: I’ve Been Everywhere

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

When we started our Find Your Adventure series celebrating the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, we’ll be the first to admit we hadn’t been to all 59 national parks much less the 400-odd properties watched over by the men and women of the NPS. And we still haven’t, despite the string of feature stories we’ve been bringing you in the pages of MotorHome magazine.

While we have upped our “parks visited” total in the process, there may be a handful of you out there smugly sitting back, secure in the knowledge that you’ve been to them all and bought the T-shirt. But wait a minute; not so fast bucko.

That’s because, while those “I’ve been everywhere” folks were gloating, our president has been busy adding new properties to the National Park Service’s holdings. Like New Mexico’s Grande del Norte National Monument and Washington’s San Juan Islands National Monument. To see the complete list, go here and here.

Once you’ve seen what’s new, all that’s left is to get off your duff, load up the motorhome and go out to enjoy our new national treasures.


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