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Excel Distributors Names Its 7 Wonders of the RV World

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Roadside attractions are hardly recognized at the worldwide level. It
takes a special person to seek out the giant balls of twine and enormous
fiber glass animals that grace the highways of the United States. To
honor these road warriors, Excel Distributors, the purveyor of aftermarket RV mattresses, has created the “7 Wonders of the RV World,”
a list of the kookiest, most creative and completely sensational
roadside attractions for road-trippers to visit, according to a news

Airstream Ranch in Dover, Fla., is the first of Excel’s
7 Wonders of the RV World. Two others have a definite RV angle: the
Shady Dell RV park in Bisbee, Ariz., and the Trailer Park Taj Mahal in
Zeba, Mich.

It’s about time someone has given them Wonder status.

“In 2001, Bernard Weber fronted the campaign for the New 7 Wonders
of the World to highlight the significant cultural feats of the
contemporary world. We loved his vision and decided to spotlight some
quirky wonders that didn’t quite make it into his New 7 Wonders,”
explains Scott Oster, general manager of Portland, Ore.-based Excel
Distributors. “These are the wonders of the road.”

The 7 Wonders of the RV World span across North America, with one
pit stop in remote Alberta, Canada. Every Wonder is a roadside
spectacle, be it the wall of Airstream trailers buried nose-down in
Dover, Fla., or the eclectic Official Center of the World in Felicity,
Calif. Wood Buffalo National Park in Northern Alberta is home to the
largest beaver dam in the world, a 2,790-foot structure that is visible
from space. “Each of the 7 RV Wonders is spectacular, and deserves to be
visited,” says Oster.

“We love highlighting such a vivid part of our country’s cultural
heritage. RVs have been popular in the United States since the
early-1900s, and roadside attractions have been around for even longer,”
says Oster. “It’s about time someone has given them Wonder status.”

To read about all seven, click here.

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