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EVAN Concept RV from Dethleffs

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

How much motorhome can be stuffed into 19 feet? Dethleffs, a german motorhome manufacturer, is putting it to the test.

EVAN, a concept motorhome, which is likely to form the basis of a production Class A RV for the 2013 model year, is just under 19-feet long but still offers six travel seats and two double fixed beds.

The designer of EVAN, Michael Studer, said the design was an amalgamation of many new ideas in the industry. “I was already convinced that the time is ripe for a new vehicle concept,” said Studer. “A flexible, compact one which combines the advantages of various motorhome concepts.”

Up to six passengers can be carried. The seats can be moved lengthwise or crossways and the rear locker can be equipped with a folding rack for more luggage pieces when being away on holidays. For the night, the large pull-down bed can be used, which disappears under the cab roof during the day. A further double bed is in the elevating roof with bed, which is equipped with large air inlets and a large panorama window. The kitchen features a sink, two mobile gas cartridge cookers, an ample working area and a refrigerator. The variable bathroom comes with a removable toilet, wash bowl and small shower. When it is cold outside the under-floor diesel heating will warm up the interior.

As of yet, there is no price tag on the concept RV.

Take a virtual tour of the concept vehicle below, simply click and drag to navigate or use the buttons along the bottom of the window.

Class A Motorhomes

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