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Entegra Coach E-Z Drive Systems

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

At Entegra Coach, the journey is as important as the destination, which is why a smooth, quiet and comfortable ride is top priority.

The Entegra Coach E-Z Drive™ systems are unique packages expertly combined to provide a powerful blend of precise handling and renowned stability. These packages ensure Entegra Coach gas Class A and Class C motorhomes are road ready, without any need for aftermarket additions or upgrades.

Entegra Coach E-Z Drive logoThe standard E-Z Drive™ system, featured on Odyssey Class C and Vision Class A motorhomes, consists of:

Hellwig Spring illustrationHellwig helper springs: Work with the chassis’ existing springs to give the RV more support, improving stability under heavy loads.

Stabilizer bar(s): Reduces the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or over-road

Driveshaft illustrationComputer-balanced driveshaft: Ensures smooth and efficient power transfer to the wheels.

Rubber isolation mounts: Positioned near the tires to absorb road shock, dampen noise and minimize vibrations.


Entegra Coach E-Z Drive Elite Logo

The E-Z Drive Elite™ system, featured on Esteem Class C (shown above) and Emblem Class A motorhomes. This system includes all items in the standard E-Z Drive™ package, as well as:

Koni shock illustrationKoni shock absorbers: Koni’s FSD technology adapts to the road and provides
the perfect blend of comfort and control.

Heavy-duty rear stabilizer bar: A larger bar and polyurethane bushings, instead of rubber, transfer power faster for extra support, more stability and easier handling.

The E-Z Drive™ and E-Z Drive Elite™ packages will ensure the best possible experience for all Entegra Coach owners; from the first mile of your trip to the last.

Entegra Coach

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