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Entegra Coach Accolade 37K Roadtest

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Entegra Coach Accolade 37K: New luxury Super C on a Freightliner S2RV chassis, exclusively designed for the RV industry, has a rugged appeal that raises the fun factor

Builders who cater to the luxury coach contingent enjoy certain privileges, among them the ability to inject higher-end appliances, materials and systems into their offerings. Typically, luxury coaches are reserved for diesel-pusher Class A chassis, which are more costly and offer the greatest weight advantages. Entegra Coach plays in this arena nicely and offers a number of luxury products that meet the demands of discriminating buyers. So when Entegra added the Accolade to its lineup recently, it joined a select number of other manufacturers who have created a subcategory for the quintessential Class C by adding the word “Super” in front of the designation and producing a different kind of luxury liner that has, well, a number of interesting accolades.

For one, the Entegra Super C is built on the Freightliner S2RV chassis, which has commercial styling and attributes with a certain number of refinements that targets it exclusively for motorhomes. The S2RV cab has a large windshield and an ergonomically designed dashboard, along with a TRW steering column that’s infinitely adjustable, and an insulation package that reduces noise. That makes conversing with the person in the other cockpit seat doable without elevating voices. Nevertheless, it retains somewhat of a rugged stature that portrays a macho image.

A couple lounges on the sofa of a Entegra Coach Accolade 37K

Large slide on curbside houses a comfortable dinette and the reclining sofa; TV and fireplace, on half-bath wall, can be viewed easily. Photos: Shawn Spence

It’s the kind of chassis that’s either loved or hated by onlookers and potential buyers. If you fantasize about the lure of the open road while driving a big rig, then the virile profile will drive home the romanticism associated with plying the highways and harmonizing with Willie Nelson’s “On the Road Again” blaring from the infotainment in-dash stereo. Beware: The gals may turn up their noses to this type of male infatuation and are known to poo-poo the initial idea of owning such a motorhome. The fact remains that these chassis are really fun to drive, and as part of the S2RV cab design, driver blind spots are reduced and a commanding view of the road is experienced. Mate this cab and chassis to a luxurious motorhome like the Accolade model 37K with all the offerings found in higher-end diesel pushers and the gals usually acquiesce after a number of begging sessions.

What’s Hot

Freightliner S2RV chassis, engine access, full-body paint, comfy cockpit seats, adjustable steering column, half bath, cabover bunk

What’s Not

Tight quarters for toilet in master bathroom, minimal space for changing linens on king bed, limited galley counterspace, smaller second air conditionerEntegra Coach Accolade 37K exterior

Drivers who enjoy solid handling and the gentle audio rumble of the 6.7-liter Cummins diesel engine will zero in on Entegra’s E-Z Drive suspension componentry, which civilizes the ride. The E-Z Drive component packages are available in three levels; the Accolade is outfitted with the Premier Package top-tier components that include a computer-balanced driveshaft, rear air springs, heavy-duty rear stabilizer bar with polyurethane bushings (rather than rubber, which can deteriorate faster), and SACHS large-diameter gas shock absorbers. The front is comprised of an I-beam axle with tapered leaf springs; needle bearings are employed in place of the more common bushings.

Predictable handling characteristics and a solid road feel promote drivability, but there is no way to get over the fact that this chassis has truck DNA. While there is some bumpiness, ride quality is darn good, considering the makeup of the chassis. A 55-degree wheel cut translates into good maneuverability in tight quarters, like pulling into an RV park site.
Combine the sloped engine hood for better road visibility and the flat cab floor (a result of lowering the engine mounts) with the comfy cockpit seats and it’s easy to while away time on the road. Gauges and instrumentation are modern but not pretentious and get the job done with little acclimation time. And the side benefits of a Class C style cab include driver and passenger doors (don your driving boots and climb up on the running board and foot hold), fully opening windows, large side-view mirrors and an engine compartment that is accessible without turning your body into a pretzel. If there is a downside, it’s the inability to use part of the cockpit for living space, other than the huge cabover bed, in this case, decked out with a cushion that can handle up to 750 pounds worth of sleepers.
Entegra Coach Accolade 37K floorplanComplementing the bed are netted storage pockets, cup holders and USB charging ports, and a huge window in front that pulls in lots of scenery or can be covered for nighttime occupancy.

The model 37K floorplan takes full advantage of the almost 40-foot length augmented by the strategic placement of a large slideout on the streetside that houses the dinette and couch. The only other slide is in the bedroom, on the patio side, where the king-size bed is tucked in. While the plan is not new, it’s versatile enough to allow for a second half-bath and a fully outfitted galley. And the good news: This configuration allows for maximum outdoor living space since there’s only the small bedroom slide to encroach on the patio, leaving plenty of room to add chairs in front of the exterior entertainment center.

Light-colored ultraleather upholstery and premium vinyl flooring work nicely with the valances, padded vinyl ceiling and pull-down window shades. The booth-style dinette easily seats four and the adjacent large window lets in plenty of light and scenery. There are no overhead cabinets here, so those above the couch will have to suffice; a pantry between the dinette and driver’s seat is large enough to handle a good selection of foodstuffs. A freestanding table and chairs are optionally available, but the booth style is a better choice for families needing the additional sleeping space. Probably not a huge deal, since the cabover provides sleeping quarters, as does the couch. With a little coziness, up to eight people can sleep in this motorhome; four would be perfect. Seat belts are provided for nine people.

A woman stands in the galley of a Entegra Coach Accolade 37K

The galley is compact, but visually larger and well equipped.

The test motorhome was fitted with a 93-inch reclining sofa that is very comfortable and within easy eyeshot of the TV and fireplace mounted on the half-bath wall. An expandable L-shaped sofa is standard, and may be more suitable for those who like to stretch out horizontally for a snooze. In either case, both seating arrangements can accommodate guests for socializing.

Immediately upon entry (behind the passenger cockpit seat), occupants will find themselves in the kitchen. It’s certainly not oversize, but it is well equipped, with a Furrion microwave convection oven and a recessed three-burner cooktop. The solid-surface counterspace is also not overwhelming, but the light tones and fashionable backsplash make it look bigger than its dimensions suggest. The farm-style stainless-steel sink and high-rise faucet are stylish and functional, and there’s a generous array of cabinets above and below the galley counter, which has a flip-up extension for additional food-prep space. Owners will have no problem storing pots and pans and other kitchen utensils in drawers. A stainless-steel-clad residential refrigerator rounds out the galley accouterments.

Placement of the half bath between the refrigerator and bed has proven to be practical; this arrangement can even be used successfully in shorter motorhomes. It’s roomy enough to get the job done, but doesn’t constrain movement between the living room and bedroom. Inside are a porcelain toilet and lavatory with a stainless-steel sink. Storage above and below the sink is decent and a window provides good ventilation. The half-bath feature makes it easy to host guests or limit squabbling for bathroom time when families are occupying the motorhome.

Entegra Coach Accolade 37K cabover bed

Large cabover bed is perfect for a couple of kids and makes good use of cockpit space. Cockpit seating provides good vantage point to roadways.

Entegra Coach Accolade 37K cockpit view

Instrumentation is more refined than truck-like, and steering column offers infinite adjustments.

Entegra Coach Accolade 37K bedroom

King bed is tucked into the patio-side slideout; small items can be placed on nightstands. Across from bed are two closets, a counter, TV and eight drawers.

Entegra Coach Accolade 37K bathroom

The half bath comes in handy for guests, families and bathroom hogs.

The remaining interior space makes a wonderful master bedroom/bathroom suite. All of the space in the slideout is devoted to the king bed and small nightstands. Aisle space for changing linens is tight and windows on each side of the slideout provide ventilation and natural light. A handsome headboard adds a residential touch of class.

Across from the bed is a network of cabinetry that houses two large wardrobe closets that flank the TV and a counter that can be used as a makeup area or a placeholder for daily incidentals and knickknacks. Below is a bank of eight drawers for clothing, and there’s supplemental storage in the cabinets above the head of the bed. A small window adds ambient light and ventilation, but don’t expect tons of vision to the outside; it doubles as an emergency exit.

Pocket doors seclude the bedroom from the rear main bath and the front living area. While the bathroom is not huge, it does have room for a shower with lots of elbowroom and a three-part glass door. Fixtures are good quality and a skylight offers additional headroom, but the toilet is tucked in between the shower and lavatory, which may be a little tight for some people. Space limitations dictate the use of the requisite small porcelain toilet, which doesn’t live up to the quality exuded by the rest of the motorhome. Don’t expect to luxuriate in this bathroom, but it does get the job done and allows for better living space in areas where more time is spent. There’s also room for the optional washer/dryer combo and a storage closet above the lavatory.

The Accolade is loaded with features expected of a motorhome in this category, with very few options. Most of the desired items are part of the Customer Value Package ($6,750), which is mandatory and includes the residential refrigerator, 2,000-watt inverter, back-up and side-view cameras, power awning with LEDs, frameless windows (all windows are dark-tinted, dual-pane) and a 50-amp power cord on an electric reel. The usual array of HVAC systems is on hand, controlled by a 7-inch touchscreen control center; multiplex switches operate the LEDs throughout the interior.

Outside storage facilities are enormous and fully carpeted. There is no wasted space. A network of large compartments is accessible from both sides; even the cubbyhole in the back is just right for stashing smaller items. Owners of 40-foot motorhomes typically pack heavily and the available weight capacity for the Accolade makes it possible to stay within the chassis ratings. Another advantage of this type of chassis is the 12,000-pound rating for the hitch receiver, meaning larger dinghy vehicles can be towed without exceeding limits.

Entegra Coach Accolade 37K exteriorA well-organized utility center is clearly marked, and dumping the holding tanks is via a Thetford Sani-Con Turbo macerator, which is backed up with the standard valves and a 3-inch outlet pipe with a bayonet fitting. The aforementioned electric power cord reel is conveniently placed in another compartment.

Entegra’s entry into the luxury Super C space is well executed, capitalizing on the experience building top-notch Class A coaches in diesel-pusher and gasser iterations. For sure, the truck-style profile and driving manners will grow on you in quick fashion. Not being a professional truck driver, it’s hard to pinpoint the appeal from the get-go, but spend time behind the wheel and take on the nation’s highways, and you’ll quickly become convinced why these inherent design elements work so well for long-haul drivers. The Accolade is fun to drive, and at the end of the day there’s a nice motorhome to walk back into and call home.

Entegra Coach
Accolade 37K Specifications


Model Freightliner S2RV
Engine Cummins 6.7-liter
SAE Hp 360 hp @ 2,600 rpm
Torque 800 lb-ft @ 1,800 rpm
Transmission Allison 3000MH
Axle Ratio 5.22:1
Tires (front) 275/80R22.5
Tires (rear) 275/80R22.5
Wheelbase 279″
Brakes Air drum
Suspension F/R Leaf spring/air springs,
HD stabilizer, Sachs shocks
Fuel Capacity 100 gal
Fuel Economy 9 mpg (est)
Warranty 3 years/50,000 mile

Entegra Coach Accolade 37K interior living area

Midway half bath (through the door) works well in this floorplan and provides a natural wall for the TV and fireplace. Counter comes in handy for remotes and other incidentals.

Entegra Coach Accolade 37K rear lavatory

Rear master has roomy lavatory with combo washer/dryer above sink. Medicine cabinet with mirror and other storage cabinets can handle linens, towels and essentials.


Exterior Length 39′ 4″
Exterior Width 8′ 5″
Exterior Height (with A/C) 13′ 4″
Interior Width 8′ 1″
Interior Height 7′ 0″
Construction Vacuum-bonded side walls, roof and floor; bead foam insulation
Freshwater Capacity 72 gal
Black-water Capacity 33 gal
Gray-water Capacity 40 gal
Water-heater Capacity 10 gal
Propane Capacity 13 gal
Air Conditioner (2) 15,000 Btu with heat pump/13,500 Btu
Furnace 35,000 Btu
Refrigerator 21 cu-ft residential
Inverter/Charger 2,000-watt/80-amp
Batteries (2) 12-volt chassis, (2) 12-volt house
AC Generator 8 kW
MSRP $254,243
MSRP as Tested $264,729
Warranty 2 years/24,000 miles/3 years structural

Wet Weight (Water and water heater, fuel, propane tanks full; no supplies or passengers)
Total 24,534 lbs

Chassis Ratings

GAWR, F/R 10,000 lbs/19,000 lbs
GVWR/GCWR 29,000 lbs/41,000 lbs
ROCCC 4,466 lbs
(Deduct weight of passengers for Net Cargo Capacity)
GAWR Gross Axle Weight Rating
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GCWR Gross Combination Weight Rating
ROCCC Realistic Occupant and Cargo Carrying Capacity (full water, no passengers)


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