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DynoMax VT Muffler Systems

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Aftermarket exhaust systems are popular among towing enthusiasts, as they can boost power and fuel economy. Their altered backpressure chacteristics may also allow your engine to run better, which is especially important for vehicles towing heavy trailers. But many aftermarket exhausts also produce an annoying droning sound in the vehicle’s interior at certain rpm and loads.

DynoMax VT (Valve Technology) mufflers are innovative, high-flow stainless steel performance designs that feature an exclusive patented internal valve. This allows them to provide maximum performance and control interior noise common among performance exhaust systems, while allowing an open, throaty sound during acceleration. Designed around the precisely calibrated internal valve, the muffler’s routing redirects the exhaust flow during cruising conditions to limit that unwanted drone. The valve opens with the exhaust flow from the engine. When the rpm is ramping up, the valve is wide open and the vehicle has the performance sound that the driver desires. At cruising highway speeds the valve moves to a partially closed position controlled by the exhaust flow from the engine and the spring pressure. That reduces the noise inside the cab of the vehicle.

The mufflers also employ Continuous Roving Fiberglass (CRF) technology that absorbs additional unwanted interior resonance and provides a rich, deep performance tone. The all-steel body mufflers are 100 percent welded for durability.

Joe Pase, director of performance products for Tenneco told us, “We’re very excited for enthusiasts to hear this new muffler and to see it perform. The DynoMax VT performance exhaust system was designed to improve performance and deliver drone-free acoustics. Now you can be satisfied when you’re revving your truck and when you’re just cruising. You gain not only impressive horsepower, but you get the added benefit of a patented valve technology that controls sound.”

The muffler’s airflow performance was demonstrated in recent flow-bench testing comparisons of the DynoMax VT (No. 17956), MagnaFlow (No. 11226), and Flowmaster (No. 42541) products. The DynoMax VT muffler delivered 841-cubic-feet-per-minute flow, compared to 588 CFM for the MagnaFlow and 373 CFM for the Flowmaster. Tests were conducted on a 14-inch body with 2.5-inch offset/center configuration.

DynoMax VT mufflers, cat-back and axle-back systems are available for a full range of applications for popular late-model cars, gas and diesel light trucks and sport utility vehicles. There are 11 universal VT mufflers in the product line and 25 direct-fit VT muffler systems for most vehicles used for recreational towing. The stainless-steel mufflers are covered by a limited-lifetime warranty and a 90-day performance and sound guarantee. This lets buyers try the muffler and return the product within 90 days for a full refund of purchase price. Further information and the location of dealers can be found at www.DynoMax.com or or by calling (734) 384-7806.


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