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Dynamax Grand Sport CL400

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Driven a truck all your life and wish to “retire” on the road? Looking for a little more
respect from RVers and other road users? Tired of going uphill in third gear? Prefer
in-your-face styling? Have a heavy – and we mean genuinely heavy – trailer? If you replied
affirmatively to any of the above, the Dynamax Grand Sport might be just what you’re
looking for. It handily fills the bill for all those parameters; just pack plenty of throat
lozenges, because it draws admirers – and your voice will quickly tire from quoting its
impressive performance attributes. Of course, answering the endless “How much horsepower
does it have?” query can be fun – especially when, without uncovering the “Mercedes-Benz
Powered” badge on the fender, you casually reply, “450 at 2,000 rpm, but that’s irrelevant;
it makes 1,550 lb-ft of torque at just 1,100 rpm.” That’s usually all it takes for the
crowd to melt into a collective sigh of deleted expletives – but if the din starts to dim,
it’ll ramp up again as soon as you open the forward tilting “hood.” By design, the Grand
Sport (GS) is arguably a Class C motorhome because of its
coach-built-on-top-of-a-cab/chassis design. Another school of thought says it’s a truck
with a rather expensive cargo box on it. You can even make the case for a Class A, since
that’s the only thing that comes close. C++, anyone? For test impressions and full details
on the Dynamax Grand Sport CL400, pick up the November 2004 issue of MotorHome magazine on
the newsstand — then subscribe to
so you can stay informed on the latest motorhome tests and previews, products
and technical information, and travel info. Dynamax Corporation, (888) 295-7859,

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