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DIY Duct Covers

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

After living in our fifth-wheel for a while, we noticed a lot of debris accumulating in the floor ducts. We wanted an easier way to keep them clean instead of having to remove the screws from the ducts each time. We purchased two 12×12-inch self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles that match our flooring and carpet. Then we bought a package of 8½x11-inch flexible magnetic sheets made for use in inkjet printers and easily trimmed them with scissors to fit over the floor register covers. Next, we trimmed the adhesive tile to the same size as the magnetic sheet.

After dry-fitting the pieces first, we removed the paper backing from the tile and stuck it to the white side of the magnetic sheet. The magnetic sheets cannot be repositioned and will stay in place during travel. For safety reasons, you must remove all of the covers before using the furnace. Also, if any of these covers are in the path of slideouts, remove them before travel. Now we get no more dust and dirt sprays from our RV’s furnace vents!

Sandra Campbell | Cary, North Carolina


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