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Dinghy Towing Checklists

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Take a tip from pilots and make a written checklist for dinghy towing.

Note all of the necessary steps to prepare your vehicle for towing
behind your motorhome, including shift procedure, unlock steering, brake
actuator, etc. Before setting off with a dinghy vehicle in tow, and each time you stop, perform these

Towing Safety Checks:

* Check all of the lights each day before towing.

* Check the security of the tow bar, base plate, safety cables and wiring.

* Walk around the dinghy and check the tires to make sure that they are not under-inflated.

* If you are using a dolly, auxiliary braking device or trailer, check the braked wheels to make certain they are not hot to the touch. If the wheels are hot (and you have not just descended a long grade), it may indicate a brake or a bearing problem.

6 Dinghy Towing Tips:

* Read and follow all instructions and warning labels.

* Ensure that the tow bar is installed correctly and is in good condition.

* Check that the hitch is securely engaged with the safety pin in place and safety chains or cables attached.

* Make sure the taillights or light bar on the towed vehicle are connected to the motorhome.

* Test all lights at the rear of the towed vehicle.

* Check that the towed vehicle’s steering is unlocked, the parking brake is off, the transmission and/or transfer case are in the proper position, and any fuses that are supposed to be disconnected have been.

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