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Detroit Diesel’s New Fuel-Efficient BlueTec Technology Passes Winter Testing

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Detroit Diesel has announced that it has completed 12 million miles of
testing on its BlueTec Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology,
including its third year of engineering testing in some of the harshest
of winter environments possible. By its roll out on January 1, 2010, the
Detroit Diesel BlueTec technology will surpass 25 million miles of
testing making it one of the most proven and tested emissions reduction
technologies ever.

Detroit Diesel’s BlueTec technology was selected by the company
to meet upcoming EPA 2010 emissions standards of near-zero levels of
NOx (oxides of nitrogen), one of the most stringent standards in the
world. The BlueTec SCR NOx aftertreatment system will utilize diesel
exhaust fluid (DEF) and has been fully optimized for low emissions and
high fuel economy. Like all 2010 selective catalytic reduction (SCR)
systems, Detroit Diesel’s BlueTec technology will require diesel exhaust
fluid (DEF), a solution of two-thirds pure water and one-third
automotive-grade urea, to effectively and efficiently treat exhaust
gases downstream of the engine. The DEF reacts with smog-forming
nitrogen oxide (NOx) in an SCR catalyst, reducing the NOx released into
the air into nitrogen and water, safe elements in the air we breathe. In
this way, Detroit Diesel’s BlueTec technology essentially eliminates
engine-generated NOx from being released into the air.

“We are meeting our program goals for performance and
emissions, fuel economy, durability, and reliability. Our current
projections are showing up to 5% diesel fuel economy improvement, and up
to 3% net improvement with our BlueTec equipped engines compared to
today’s engines,” said Rakesh Aneja, EPA 2010 program manager, Detroit

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