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Darlingtonia Californica: The Cobra Lily

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Darlingtonia Californica: The Cobra LilyThe state of Oregon considers the Darlingtonia Californica – commonly known as the Cobra
Lily – so important that it has set aside an area to protect the rare insect-eating pitcher
plant. The 18-acre Darlingtonia State Natural Site is located just off U.S. Highway 101,
north of Florence. It’s a tiny park, the only one in the nation dedicated to a single plant
species. Boardwalks over the bogs allow for a close-up look at the carnivorous plant, which
blooms only in the spring; the free park contains picnic tables and rest rooms. Motorhomes
have room for turning around.


To find out more: (800) 551-6949, oregonstateparks.org.

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