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Cricket Trailer: a Novel New Pop-Up

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

What do you get when you cross a former NASA space architect and a love of the outdoors? Well, you get the sleek Cricket Trailer.

The novel ultra-light trailer is getting a lot of press for their new take on the travel trailer. The Cricket lies somewhere between a pop-up camper and a small feature-rich trailer.

Designers of the Cricket took direct aim at the heavy, gas-hogging travel trailer with the small format.

The Cricket turns a tiny space into a living room and bedroom.

The Cricket turns a tiny space into a living room and bedroom.

“Leave the passé living-room-on-wheels R.V. paradigm behind and step into the future. Your Cricket is the perfect antidote to rising fuel costs and the decreased towing capabilities of next-gen vehicles because it allows you to use the vehicle you already own. The 2011 Cricket is your base camp, containing exactly what you need. No more, no less,” read the Cricket website.

Their story began with the company’s founder, Garrett Finney leaving his job at NASA; where he designed rooms in which astronauts live aboard the International Space Station. Finney began designing a aerodynamic, small-scale trailer. The trailer evolved into the Cricket, so named because early iterations of the pop-up top looked like insect legs.

The Houston-based company created the trailer for the adventure traveler who just wants

The Cricket has a stripped down galley, but has enough room for campground cooking.

The Cricket has a stripped down galley, but has enough room for campground cooking.

a place to flop and the small family who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time setting up a campsite.

With optional roof racks the Cricket could be the answer for bikers, surfers and backpackers who aren’t looking to relax with a TV or a book. The roof-hanging bunk beds (max weight of 100 lbs) are a fun option for families with small children looking to ditch the tent.

The base Cricket trailer weighs a paltry 1,380 pounds when empty — easily towable by most vehicles on the road. And with aerodynamics being a key factor in the design, the Cricket is easy on the gas budget.

The two base models start at $14,330 and come with either a futon-style bed and couch or two small bunks. Features from a refrigerator to a water heater and air conditioning to extra seating or those kid-friendly bunk beds are extra.

For more information and a complete price guide, call Cricket’s authorized dealer, Princess Craft at 1-800-338-7123 or visit CricketTrailer.com.

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