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CDC200 Dual Canister Filter System: Just Clean Water

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine


Access to potable water is one of life’s necessities, and the freshwater system on your motorhome can provide that. Problem is, water from city hookups can be contaminated, unclean and downright unusable, so using a water filter of some type is highly recommended. CLEAR2O announces the CDC200 Dual Canister Filter System. The CDC200 features canisters for a prefilter and a carbon filter (both sold separately). The prefilter is designed to eliminate silt, sand, sediment, rust and other particulates, while the carbon filter removes bad tastes and foul odors, along with other harmful contaminants. All the system’s fittings and hardware are solid brass, while two oil-filled pressure gauges to monitor filter status are included. The CDC200 features a weather-resistant powder-coated steel stand that can be freestanding or mounted in a variety of locations. MSRP: $249.99 (including canister wrench).


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