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Campsite Security Tips

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

 You’ll appreciate these common-sense tips for backing into a campground site to avoid damage to your coach:

Decide in advance where the motorhome is to go.

Take note of posts and hazards, the hookups, where the wheels should go, and where the door(s) will open.

Be sure the power cord and hoses will reach.

Check if there’s room for slide-outs, awnings and steps.

Leveling a motorhome

When using blocks to level a motorhome, be sure to place them under the entire tire. On duals, make certain both tires are supported. Failure to do so may distort or damage the tires and cause subsequent failure while driving.

From high-tech to simple, here are a few ways to protect your vehicle from theft:


    –    Check out advancements in technology such as a smart key, which allows the engine to be started only with the exact key.

    –    Use paint or an indelible marker to write the VIN number underneath the engine hood or trunk lid. That way, if your car is stolen, you have a unique way of identifying it if it’s recovered.

    –    Keep your vehicle in a well-lit area and never leave your keys in the ignition, even if you are just running out for a moment. With a little caution, you can keep your vehicle out of the hands of thieves.


Storage Compartment Security 

Motorhome manufacturers often use the same key codes for the storage compartments on many coaches. Some of the more common ones are ES201 and CH751, for example. Therefore, anyone with these keys can open your compartments. If you keep valuable items in the compartments, we suggest you change your locks.

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