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Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine


When selecting an aftermarket navigation system, owners whose motorhomes are equipped with sideview and backup cameras are often faced with a limited selection based on compatibility. In the past, integrating a new multimedia system with a standard three-camera system necessitated an external switching box, and limited users to existing knobs and switches (e.g., the turn signal) to control the camera system. The Jensen JRV9000 from ASA Electronics eliminates the complicated integration and enables users to seamlessly shift between camera angles. The unit has been designed specifically for motorhomes and allows users to program their vehicle’s profile for navigation, which helps avoid narrow roads and low overpasses, and even includes Canadian maps in addition to the extensive USA routes. The JRV9000 also includes CD/DVD, Bluetooth, SiriusXM and HDMI input. MSRP: $699.99.

ASA Electronics | 877-305-0445 | www.asaelectronics.com


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