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Brake Buddy Stealth

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

The braking system on your motorhome is a technical marvel, indeed. Anything that has the strength to put a stop to several tons of motorhome traveling up to 55 mph is robust, to say the least. But as fantastic as that may seem, those same braking systems were designed for that particular motorhome; not the additional weight a dinghy vehicle brings to the table. Adding a supplemental braking system to your coach is not only a practical safety issue, but it’s required by law in most states.

To that end, Brake Buddy’s new Stealth controller takes many of the hassles associated with supplemental braking systems, and adds some new technology into the mix. The Stealth is an inertia-based controller that senses the amount of braking pressure needed and applies it to the dinghy vehicle.

The dinghy main unit mounts anywhere in the towed vehicle, meaning you can easily conceal it under a seat or in the trunk for a more finished look. The all-in-one adapter ditches the bulk associated with conventional units and sleekly mounts to the front of the dinghy for a low-profile look, offering plug-and-go capability. The adapter features a built-in breakaway, battery maintainer and fuse bypass, and is compatible with optional wiring kits to operate the tail-, brake- and turn-signal lights. Plus, Brake Buddy claims its design has been engineered to make installation up to five times faster than other permanent supplemental braking systems.

The dual controller in the motorhome allows users to monitor the status of the system, and enables users to adjust brake sensitivity on the fly. But the truly unique feature is that the controller is also compatible with a trailer, offering users the option of towing a trailer behind their motorhome with the Stealth’s precision control — and without having to uninstall and reinstall the hardware associated with each act.

The Brake Buddy Stealth is designed to work with any vehicle, even hybrids. MSRP: $1,099 http://www.brakebuddy.com/Products/BrakeBuddy-Stealth

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