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Anchor Bar’s Buffalo Wings

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

OK, so everyone knows that buffalo don’t really have wings – good thing, considering what
sea gulls are capable of. As the story goes, however, one night in 1964, Terresa
Bellissimo, co-owner (along with her husband, Frank) of the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New
York, served up a late-night snack for friends: deep-fried chicken wings, flavored with a
secret sauce. Terresa’s wings were an instant hit – and the Anchor Bar went on to
international fame. The essential recipe has been imitated thousands of times and spread
worldwide in gastronomic popularity – but the sauce recipe, a closely guarded secret, has
never been equalled.

In 2003, the Anchor Bar was awarded the prestigious James Beard Award
Medal for “Timeless Appeal” for creating the snack treat. The Anchor Bar continues to serve
up buffalo wings, to the tune of a thousand pounds per day – some of which fly out of
Buffalo on the wings of airliners to points around the globe.Anchor Bar bottled sauces are
sold in dozens of states, plus on their Internet site – but there’s still only one place
you can buy the Original Buffalo Wings: 1047 Main Street, Buffalo, New York.

For more
information, call (716) 886-8920, or go to anchorbar.com.

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