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Allegro Bay 34′

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

The line between a lower-cost diesel coach and a higher-end gas coach is blurring.
High-quality diesel-pusher-style features are finding their way into gas-powered
motorhomes, and the chassis manufacturers have delivered stronger and more robust products that allow the design of gas motorhomes with more of the features buyers want. Tiffin’s Allegro Bay ranks in the vanguard of this new class of gas-engine motorhomes. With a $132,083 manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) as tested, the Allegro Bay 34XB would have been at the top end of gasoline-powered motorhomes just a few years back; today, the 34XB is closer to typical for a higher-end gas motorhome. Tiffin’s stylists redesigned the exterior and gave its Allegro a fresh new appearance. Numerous exterior storage compartments and service bays are cleanly integrated into the body, so they aren’t a detriment to the motorhome’s cosmetic appeal. When driving, give me a seat that feels good with a wheel I can hold in comfort, a good view forward and back, a dash I can see (and reach) and a reasonably stable coach, and I’m happy on the road – everything else is gravy.

Fortunately, the Allegro dishes up the gravy in buckets. Comfort and relaxation while
remaining alert may seem to be contradictory driving considerations. The fact is, however,
that a comfortable operator has less stress while driving, which helps with safety overall.
It’s always fun when we can spend time in a motorhome that’s simply well done all around. A stable, quiet ride, comfortable living and sleeping, easy-to-use galley facilities and an
obvious pride in manufacturing that shines through in virtually every corner of the coach
make for an enjoyable road-test experience. The Allegro Bay 34-footer may be up there as
far as price is concerned, but it’s a down-to-earth coach that should more than hold its
own among its competitors. For further details and full-test impressions on the Allegro Bay
34′, pick up the April 2004 issue of MotorHome — then subscribe to MotorHome so you can
stay informed on the latest motorhome tests and previews, products and technical
information, and travel info. Tiffin Motorhomes Inc., (256) 356-8661, tiffinmotorhomes.com

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