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Air Apparent: Dill Air Control 7260 Digital Inflator

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

Checking tire-inflation pressure on a tow vehicle and trailer is a necessary safety check made less tedious with the new 7260 Digital Inflator from Dill Air Control Products. Offered with 2- or 6-foot hose lengths with locking or clip-on chucks, the high-flow tire inflator has a range from 0 to 170 psi and digitally displays in .5-psi increments. The press of a button on the large LCD backlit screen switches between psi, kPa and bar pressure measurements. There’s also a convenient built-in bleed feature for precise air-pressure adjustment. Dill also offers aftermarket truck and trailer tire-pressure-monitoring systems, replacement sensors and valve stems.

MSRP: $74 | 800-815-3455 | www.dillaircontrols.com


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