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Adventures on America’s Public Lands

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

Lands coming under the purview of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) don’t always have the cache of a national park or forest. Many BLM-administered sites are wild and undeveloped — i.e. no amenities or creature comforts — and tend to be overlooked by campers. If you see the glass as half full, however, this simply means that you can enjoy
them without the crowds.

Edited by Mary E. Tisdale and Bibi Booth, this recreation guide presents BLM sites in an easy-to-follow, state-by-state format. Each of the 178 included locations contains directions, activity icons, camping/lodging info, BLM field office data, region-specific maps and “special features” describing compelling or unique natural or cultural resources of the site.

Additionally, the first part of Adventures on America’s Public Lands presents 18 thematic activities that can be enjoyed on BLM lands, from Favorite Swimming Areas to Scenic Drives to Birdwatching Forays. Accompanying each is a list of prime recreational spots offering similar activities that are recommended by BLM employees. Who better to ask?

U.S. Department of the Interior/Bureau of Land Management; $22.95; Smithsonian Books, (212) 207-7950, www.si.edu/publications.

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