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A Day in San Diego: Gorgeous Golfing, Fantastic Fish Tacos

Originally Published in MotorHome Magazine

San Diego is a fantastic destination for anyone looking for a taste of that legendary laid-back SoCal culture.  Bring your clubs and some sandals, no reason to stay inside the RV with weather like this!

Golfers have probably seen the elegant Torrey Pines golf course atop a magazine list or a best course guide.  It was also the site of the 2008 U.S. Open.  The emerald green grass, the towering cliffs and the ocean in the background make the course a destination in and of itself — even for non-golfers.

The golf isn’t cheap though; a full 18-hole round will set residents back at least $100 before cart rentals.  The city of San Diego set up a handy price guide for golfing at Torrey Pines.  Just be sure to book well in advance!

Cheap, fresh and delicious. Don't miss the fish tacos when you're in town.

Cheap, fresh and delicious. Don’t miss the fish tacos when you’re in town.

Golfing makes for a powerful hunger. Luckily there is a local treat that can cure just about any craving on the cheap.

Fish tacos are one of San Diego’s culinary specialties, you can get them just about anywhere and they are almost always delicious.  Ask any local, and they’ll point you to their favorite fish taco joint or taco truck.  Come hungry, these aren’t your typical fast-food fish tacos.  A tortilla and a hearty chunk of fresh Pacific fish — seared, fried or cooked ceviche style — makes the perfect base for a pile of fixings.

It’s hard to pick just one spot to find a fish taco, but Mariscos German, Mariscos Alex and Casanova Fish Tacos are food trucks with fanatic followers. For a dine-in option, try another local favorite: the South Beach Bar & Grille.

If you’re spending just a day in the area, you’ll need to get all the SoCal culture you can in one spot. Luckily Balboa Park is just that!

The San Diego Zoo, various art galleries and fantastic walking gardens are all a stone’s throw away.  Visitors could easily spend a day in the park, but the numerous small galleries in the Spanish Village Art Center are a great way to get a taste of the cultural amalgam that San Diego represents so well.

Admission to the park and the Spanish Village Art Center is always free.

After a day in town, what better way to unwind even more than a RV park on the bay?

The Campland on the Bay gets great marks from visitors for its private beach and slew of other great amenities for travelers. The fact that the park is just a few minutes outside of San Diego is just icing on the cake!

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