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A Big Fan of Yours

Originally Published in Trailer Life Magazine

U.S. Gear’s Cyclone Power Fan is designed specifically to increase horsepower in the Ford Power Stroke V-8 diesel engine. With increases of up to 40 more horsepower, towing is easier with the improved performance and economy, says the manufacturer. The Cyclone Power Fan replaces the factory-installed fan clutch, and reduces parasitic losses by working only when needed. A cab-installed control unit informs the driver when the Cyclone Power Fan is turned on, while a Super Cooling switch turns the Cyclone into a direct-drive fan, matching the revolutions of the engine. U.S. Gear, Dept. TL, S. Stony Island Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60617; (800) 874-3271 ex:650; www.usgear.com

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